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2011-03-13 23:24:29 by mgear


Flordia Blows

2008-11-08 16:43:17 by mgear

Yeah, Florida blows!

Stop fucking with me

2008-04-18 21:38:50 by mgear

Im getting really mad with all of the people saying I stole the song THAT I REMIXED and I said that it was a remix so, read the authors comments.

Video Game Music

2007-10-23 16:50:08 by mgear

I am starting some music that is made to replicate some games for example-Smugglers Run 2,Half-Life Series,City Life,Sims,etc.This is probably going to take forever :)


2007-08-23 17:52:16 by mgear

Well Welcome to my profile.